What is Moditations?

A Different Kind of Self-Help Guide

Moditations is a self-help book filled with inspirational thoughts that address the challenges of the modern world. A unique guide you can reference over and over, Moditations offers insights and encouragement on issues such as work-life balance, pandemic concerns, the loss of a pet, anxiety, relationship disconnects, and other hindrances to enjoying the happiness you seek and deserve. While it can be used by those who meditate, it was created to help anyone who is facing the demands of today’s world.

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Uncover a Happier Life

Start feeling better about yourself – and others!

Deal more successfully with the challenges of modern life

Short, easy-to-read inspirations and motivations – most only one page

Reminder thoughts to use throughout the day

Value priced and a great gift idea

For people who don’t meditate, do meditate, love self-help books or have never even owned one!

Order your copy now. Click on the Amazon link below.

Creating Mindful Moments

Every Moditation passage addresses a specific contemporary issue and is complemented by a modern mantra called a Modtra. Modtras are short positive phrases that serve as motivational reminders or as guideposts for those who meditate. In addition, the book includes a series of Image Moditations that provide visual tools to aid in relaxation, mindfulness and overall well-being.

Designed to be used again and again as life’s challenges continue to unfold, Moditations was created for every adult in today’s world and makes a perfect gift for friends and family members. There’s never been a time quite like now. And there’s never been a self-growth book quite like Moditations to help us deal with these changes.